Ibiza Tantra festival 2019

Pulled away by disruptive currents and fears, individuals find themselves increasingly distant from each other. Transforming these movements, we turn to tantra, beautiful and bright like a happy island in a stormy sea. An island full of love and sense of community. Inclusive, but not for everyone –  the price to pay to enter can be the most expensive of all: Leaving behind our armour of certainties, prejudices and commonplaces. Unlearning what we have learned. Questioning our culture and all the certainties that have always accompanied us. Dancing free and naked from our social conditionings and repeatedly challenging the mind with the heart, our fears with love.

Once again for the third consecutive year, I found myself being an observer and privileged participant of the Ibiza Tantra Festival, which hosts hundreds of guests each year in a wonderful hotel in the north of the island, with swimming pool and private beach. And i have, once again, the privilege of telling what is happening inside through the images of our team of helpers.

and underwater…

Photos and Text : Lorenzo Melissari

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