Ethereal heads to Markus Chef Ibiza. The fusion of two different visions that have shown once again how the whole is something more than the sum of the single parts. A perfect location to spend a magical Sunday brunch with friends, with delicious food prepared by the excellent chef Markus and his team, amazing drinks and music, art and performances in pure Ethereal style.


The event marks the beginning of an exciting new collaboration with Markus Chef’s Kitchen. Created by Mark Gelman, the head chef and co-founder of the magical garden restaurant, Markus captures the heart and soul of the island, lending itself perfectly to special events. Focusing on top local ingredient and dishes, the venue will provide a mouth-watering international brunch to fuel your energy.

Live Music

The inventive Italian artist Davide Garra will take you on a trip through ambient, deep and psychedelic techno. Besides his far-reaching experience as a pianist, guitarist and singer, he is celebrated for his memorable performances and Visionaire events at legendary venues the likes of Sunset Ashram, Teatro Pereyra, Guaraná, Veto, Sankeys, Bora Bora and many more.

Playing live, the deeply evocative Medusa Odyssey will be putting on their distinctive show. Being island-favourites and Ethereal regulars, the Ibiza-based duo blend the synthesizers, electric guitar, flutes, vocals and drum machines to produce an otherworldly ethnic sound all their own.

Live Performance

Ethereal at Markus Chef Ibiza kicks off at 13:00 with live sets, art and shows. Blending sensuality, feminine power, fluidity, joy and intensity, the choreographed performance “Taqsim Dance Project” presents a mix of belly dancing and tribal fusion directed by Paula Catalán and her three students, adapting belly dancing to different audiences, including tradition, electronic, urban or contemporary.

The sparkling Violet Heart and Paula Catalan add a kinaesthetic dimension to the event with splendid interactive performances and live painting.


In the two years since its appearance, the much-loved party has gone from strength, making a name for itself for creating an genuine space for both artists and guests to feel free and share their uniqueness and vision.

…and then all inside

The party continues inside after 18:00 with video art and exciting DJ sets. The musical selection continues with Sylvia Operè who has held numerous residencies on the island, including Ocean Drive, ME Ibiza and B12 Club, and beyond, on top of myriad radio shows and the Looking After You project.

LuLiLu plays music that lifts your soul.
Carefully weaved to take you from where you are familiar to new, uncharted musical territory. A sweeping subtle journey that when you close your eyes you are flying on melodies and when you open them you are grounded by a dirty fat bass line and surrounded by smiling, happy faces.

Combining deep house, afro-house, downtempo, chill-rave and her own live vocals, resident DJ Maricha will be bringing on those sunset vibes with her signature “intelligent dance.” The party continues until late with resident DJ Edoardo Marvaso.

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