Trailblazing party concept Ethereal picks up its artistic itinerary right where it left off at the exquisite Nagai Ibiza to kick off the new season. For its opening event on Sunday 24March 2019, it is back on the island, widening the doors of perception and bringing back that original spirit of Ibiza. Blending the finest musical, visual and kinaesthetic arts, the unique party invites everyone to celebrate its return.

With the beginning of spring, the admired party carries on its mission to provide full artistic expression, an open-hearted space and springboard for recognised artists in line with the vein of the party. Removed from commercialism, Ethereal espouses its love for music and art via riveting performances by both international and local DJs and artists.

Encouraging full freedom of expression, the party welcomes everyone. Guests of all ages are championed to free their minds and let go of their identities, in contrast to the system and rigid societal expectations. The refreshing Ethereal also provides an alternative voice to the current direction of the island. In line with its absolute freedom of expression, the inspiring party invites guests to let loose by sporting their most creative or outrageous outfits, as was once the norm on Ibiza or in the spirit of Burning Man in the U.S.

On a visual level, the event presents a notable collection of artists, once again curated by artistic director Rossano Poletti.

Created by Vito Masci – the mind behind established promotion group Ibiza People Dance Culture –Ethereal slams open the doors of perception via musical and visual arts. With its notable artists and DJs, the party makes an artistic contribution and adds social-cultural significance to mere entertainment. Calling attention to social and cultural causes, the party has established itself as one of Ibiza’s most alternative and creative parties, while presenting some of the best electronic music and diverse artists currently on the scene.

Pre-opening Shooting Ethereal

Violet Heart

La sari



Enrica Coltello

Rossano Poletti

Vito Masci

Photo: Lorenzo Melissari

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