The Nam Ou literally: “Rice Bowl River”) is one of the most important rivers of Laos. It runs 448 km from Phongsaly Province to Luang Prabang Province. 

The Nam Ou spans 450 kilometers, flowing south from mountains near the Lao-China border in Northern Laos to meet the waters of the mainstream Mekong River.

The Nam Ou provides an ideal habitat for over 84 fish species, 29 of which are thought to be found only in the Nam Ou.

The dramatic Nam Ou River provides access to the remote minority regions of northern Laos, using the small settlement of Nong Khiaw as a base. Cruise upriver to visit ethnic minority settlements.

The slow boat along the Nam Ou River between Muang Khua and Nong Khiaw – is one of Asia’s most spectacular.

The Nam Ou passes through ancient forests and karst mountainscapes untouched by human hands. That’s a rare experience anywhere in Asia.

And the villages that do exist along the river are small and charming.

Photo: Lorenzo Melissari

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