What does the dance represent for you?

Space Expression Mystery



3 thoughts that you associate with the idea of freedom?

Nature Cultivation Sharing  

What advice would you give to those who are not satisfied with their daily life?

Breath, ask for help, search for authentic friends, cry with a circle of consciousness all around you.

We can ask for have the strenght to pray, swim, receiving massage for connecting our mindy, body & your heart.

Discover our voice, sing, speak & ask for see the beauty in something we love & dedicate our relation, space & energy for extend this to all the aspects of your life.

When you feel it’s the moment take risks & let the life guiding you.

Every message will lead us to the source of abundance.



The greatest quality of the human being?


What is your opposite?

Negative & positive 

What is madness?

Loosing your connection with the universe.

Sometime it’s also the beginning of strong energies coming to you. 

And revolt?

A first step to change

Feel your hands shaking, a new taste in your mouth, so much energy to release everyday.

Why do men revolt?

For feel their pain, express their greatness to the world.



What for each of us is inevitable?

Life Acceptation Contentment

Gratefulness Death

And what’s is the greatest wonder?

Ocean Love Sincerity Service Grace Harmony Ecstasy




Mehdi Zidhane certified 200 hours Hatha Yoga, art-life-coach reiki master & Thai massage therapist dedicate his lifestyle to the bakti yoga, ho’oponopono level 1 & 2, spandayoga, meditation, photography & Tantra

In this path of healing & acceptation bearing tools of communication, gifts of life expressing through acroyoga, dance contact & partneryoga

Dancer of life from his beginning in the « AcroYoga Contact Tour » travelling around the world since 6 years discovering our essential nature

Now his service, mission is to guide the students through loving unity and infinite passion with the AcroYoga Reiki Healing Sound Contact Tour



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