Why Ethereal?

Ethereal because, after the death of Robert Miles and the indefinite pause of OpenLab, I spent a period from the pain to the reflection of all that brought me this experience and was born Ethereal where everything can be ….. where the music, art, visual, show really open the doors of a different perception from other events …. where people really feel themselves ……
Where everyone loves to be there

3 magical things about ibiza?

1) Nature, the main element of this wonderful island and was one of the reasons that led me to decide to live here … I’m in love with this little world in 40km.
Sunsets of all imaginable expressions.
Beaches distinct from each other, but unique in their beauty.
Mountains with paths and enchanting woods. I love Santa Geltrudis precisely where I live …

2) Ibiza is the only place you can be reborn whenever you want! In front of a separation, economic failure, nothing is impossible if you want it in ibiza you always renew it ….

3) The music !!!!
The music has given life to this island has changed since the days of the hippies escaped from the call to arms of the Vietnam war to the European hippies as others who Franco or the repression of the societies … Beatles, Bob Marley. And other giants of the history of music have gone by ibiza, then we come to the dance music Eletronica that for years has dominated the scenes of the clubs we all know … to date however this trade music has confused the idea of ​​the Essence of this island …. for this with Ethereal I want to revive the emotion and originality of the product !!!

Who was Vito Masci before he was Vito?

Vito Masci was a boy who came from Italy to pursue an IBIZA dream and over the years, this dream, amid many difficulties and joys, has allowed the Vito of today to mature.

He has certainly changed.

Today he is 40 years old but always with that spark and desire to do well and love what he does, in the place where he decided to live and with many satisfactions.

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